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Reeseville Ridge Nursery


Reeseville Ridge Nursery strives to produce nearly all of our listed woody plant species each year.   We often have the same species grown from several distinct parts of the native range.  Our travels take us to much of the eastern USA in search of fresh seed for most species each year, some we produce from nursery grown stock plants that are from earlier native seed source seedlings.  Most of the exotic species are produced from cultivated plants in the USA which have proven to grow well in their new home.

Our selection continually grows and improves with proven and cutting edge production methods.  We will add or remove species as demand changes or new selections prove worthy.  We welcome custom production for our customers and are usually able to increase production numbers when given lead time.


Reeseville Ridge Nursery is unique in some of the species we have been able to produce.  Our excitement is in finding methods to produce species that have proven difficult to propagate.  We also take great pleasure in helping our customers have success with our plants.  Email us for detailed descriptions of all the species we are growing.

Reeseville Ridge Nursery has been working toward our goals since 1985.


Unless requested otherwise our shipping is by UPS for 2023.


We are open for plant pick up by appointment only. Best days are Friday and Saturday.





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