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New highlights --- Help for the butterflies

We'd like to mention a few species here that are favorite food plants for butterfly species.


Giant Swallowtail    Larvae feed upon Prickly-ash(Zanthoxylum americanum) and Wafer-ash(Ptelea trifoliata)


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail    Larvae feed upon Plum and Cherry (Prunus), Linden (Tilia) and Birch (Betula)


Striped Hairstreak    Larvae favor Roses and Blueberries (Vaccinium)


Spring Azure     Larvae feed upon Dogwood (Cornus). Spiraea and New Jersey-tea (Ceanothus)


American Snout   Larvae favor Hackberry (Celtis)


Question Mark & Comma  Larvae feed upon Elm (Ulmus), Hackberry (Celtis)


Common Tortoise Shell  Larvae prefer Aspen, Cottonwood (Populus) and Willow (Salix)


Mourning Cloak   Larvae feed upon Willow (Salix), Elm (Ulmus), Aspen (Populus) and Birch (Betula)


Red Spotted Purple and White Admiral   Larvae prefer Oaks (Quercus), Plum and Cherry (Prunus) and Aspen (Populus)


Viceroy   Larvae feed upon Willow (Salix) and Aspen (Populus)


Silver Spotted Skipper  Larvae want Legumes, We grow a few; Indigobush Amorpha, Leadplant, Honeylocust, Wisteria







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